Freitag, 14. April 2017

 Hi folks,...
putting some new life into my recently abandoned blog.
I had my arms to the elbows in the new Armageddon terrain-kits and wanted to show you how I mixed them up with the older necromunda stuff and the Sector Imperialis kits.

 First of all it was obvious to me, that there are not enough support beams in one kit (speaking of 1 Shadow War Box) so I figured out I had to build something similar, to get some walkways aloft.
Sadly the three different ranges don't really add up to the same height.

 So I build two 2on1 small buildings as a solid base for a slightly lower walkway. I put 4 connectors onto the middle of a square walkway piece and glued the connectors onto the basement. I used 3mm plasticard for the "ceiling" of the building.
The connectors are now positioned to fit under all the walkway parts in loads of different combinations.

Next step was to bring the necromunda walls onto the same level. I used a U-profile 8x13mm.
Cut it to the same length a s the wall and glued it to the underside.
Sawed off the old connector-part and added a new one onto the middle of the top.

Next I wanted to add some height. I tried some combinations and finally found out that 2 Necromunda walls put on top of each other with a 3mm plasticard beneath add up to a height where the door comes flush with the walkway.

With the height of the standard Armageddon kit it comes now to three different levels, which can be easily called "accesible".

The plan is to add some Munitorum Containers and stacks of crates to create two more "ground" levels, which could be used as kind of stairs to access the upper levels.

If you dont wanna dismember your old loved necromunda terrain, I have a cool tip for you in the next post, to use it without cutting it to pieces.

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