Montag, 2. April 2018

There can be only one!

From the dawn of time we came; 
moving silently down through the centuries, 
living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering;
 when the few who remain will battle to the last.
 No one has ever known we were among you… 
...until now.

Stay tuned....
More coming soon...


Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018

Host of Deamons

...long time not posted and then two new post s in one go...
Second model of the Eisenhorn retinue finished painting.
Sculpt by artel_w !

Ravenor, Amos and Bequin to follow....

Early wip stage:

Finished model with pigments and varnish...
All in all about 2 hours speedpaint...

Thorn wishes Talon

Finally enough artel-W models arrived on my desk to build and prime them....
Next few days will all be painting those awesome miniatures.
Going style and colour wise same way as Black Phallanx.
Thus mentioned, they will get an article soon on this blog...

Until then enjoy the first of many, the Enforcer:

Freitag, 26. Januar 2018

Mortarion #WIP pics

As one of my favourite builds in late 2017 here are my wip pics of Mortarion, 
Deamon-Primarch of the Deathguard...
  I built the model without much conversion, simply left those flying Nurglings on chains, cause they would be a pain in the ass for transport. Left the wings unattached for better painting, and magnetised them later for transporting.

Added some textures with GWs Agrellan Earth and Vallejo Texture paint,..also cut small grooves into the cloth-parts to imitate a rather raw material...

Put him on some sweets-can for priming,..went brown from below, green from the sides and top and at last bone from the top, all rattlecan (mix of GW and Army Painter).
Next step as always with my miniatures was a drybrush with Ulthuan Grey....

Adding base-colours, used with a wet-pallette, more like a glaze and after that again a light drybrush.

Most of the details are done with glaze-like colours, washes and drybrushing in between.
Added rust-pigments to the base, mixed with Vallejo Rust-Wash and after that a mix of Agrax Earthshade and Army Painter Brown Ink.

 Repeat until finished ;)

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018

Great Unclean Three

Made some progress sculpting details...
Also repositioning of some Nurglings...
..Distraction imminent

Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

Great Unclean Two

... blue tacking most of the front finished
... he will have parts of the flail embedded /grown into his back
... first version of Nurgling group-foto-assemblage


Great Unclean One

First Post in 2018!
Hope you all had a good start!

Besides some new miniatures for inq28 (will follow soon) there is a rather big project on
my table now.

GW's new Great Unclean One has arrived here yesterday and I started to cut away at it!
Behind the idea to convert that not so little bugger is Helge Wilhelm Dahl, who decided to invite to a competition involving this very miniature or a Great Unclean one in general (not sure if miniature is appropriate for this greater Deamon sculpt)...

More on the competition cou can find at

Now a few ideas to my approach on this model and some early WIP pics

- change the pose of the model, in particular the sword-holding arm,...either putting the sword on the ground before him, or resting it on his shoulder

- use Death Guard and Nurgle bits to make him unique and give him a more 40k feel

- use as much Nurglings as possible, crawling underneath,besides and on top of him, or even clambering out of his infested wounds

- make him really ugly and loathsome with lots of additional horns, tentacles and use of texture paints

- capture the dark, rotten, ugly and sinister joyfull feeling of Papa Nurgle

Sword and dagger might not be a playable equipment (haven't the rules inhand yet) but for me the best looking,..perhaps he will get his flail carried by a host of Nurglings

All assortet bits and special lone Nurglings I could find,... he will get some kind of armour

Why not use all the parts of the kit to make him more nasty...

today's special

There can be only one!

From the dawn of time we came;  moving silently down through the centuries,  living many secret lives, struggling to reach the tim...