Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

Great Unclean One

First Post in 2018!
Hope you all had a good start!

Besides some new miniatures for inq28 (will follow soon) there is a rather big project on
my table now.

GW's new Great Unclean One has arrived here yesterday and I started to cut away at it!
Behind the idea to convert that not so little bugger is Helge Wilhelm Dahl, who decided to invite to a competition involving this very miniature or a Great Unclean one in general (not sure if miniature is appropriate for this greater Deamon sculpt)...

More on the competition cou can find at

Now a few ideas to my approach on this model and some early WIP pics

- change the pose of the model, in particular the sword-holding arm,...either putting the sword on the ground before him, or resting it on his shoulder

- use Death Guard and Nurgle bits to make him unique and give him a more 40k feel

- use as much Nurglings as possible, crawling underneath,besides and on top of him, or even clambering out of his infested wounds

- make him really ugly and loathsome with lots of additional horns, tentacles and use of texture paints

- capture the dark, rotten, ugly and sinister joyfull feeling of Papa Nurgle

Sword and dagger might not be a playable equipment (haven't the rules inhand yet) but for me the best looking,..perhaps he will get his flail carried by a host of Nurglings

All assortet bits and special lone Nurglings I could find,... he will get some kind of armour

Why not use all the parts of the kit to make him more nasty...

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