Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Annual 2017 - Chapter I

This is the first of a series of posts presenting all the finished models
that I converted for the use in Inq28 games in the year 2017.

It was a very productive year and I think it's also the year in which I really started
converting models for the purpose of fielding them in Inq28 Games.

So here you will see ALL my finished Inq28 works so far.
Thanks to the Inquisitorum Group on facebook! You're awesome!

All unfinished conversions will be shown at the start of next year, propably firing up
some painting challenge!

First group on show is mainly characters from the Inquisition War novels plus two extra characters
(The shooting was an experiment, hence the mixup of miniatures).
Pics were taken pre-work in my Metal-Workshop...


Secret Inquisitor Jaq Draco
Ordo Malleus

Deathwatch Watchmaster
Deathwatch Killteam head
Tempestus Scion arms
Empire Wizard book
Blood Angels Terminator shield
some Eldar weaponry for the tip of his staff

Zephro Carnelian
The Harlequin-Man

Empire Militia legs, sword,arm
Empire greatswords hat
Genestealer Cult arm
Eldar head 
Sicarian Ruststalker Alpha body
Bopok from Grey Knights Terminator

Former Callidus Assassin

Genestealer Cultist body and back of head
Dark Eldar Whyches face,hair and left arm
Genestealer Hybrid claw

Squat Technician/Mercenary

Kharadron Thunderers body
Space Wolves head
Primaris reaver Bolt-Carbine
Scion backpack
Skitarii scanner
Genestealer Goliath sledgehammer

Lexandro D'Arquebus
Imperial Fists Captain

Primaris Inceptor body
Primaris Agressor head 
Tactical backpack
Black Templars sword
SM Combi-Meltagun
Eldar Wraithguard loincloth

Gor Halfhorn
Mutant Bounty Hunter

Bestigor body and head
Tempestus Scion arms
SM MK III Chainsword and holster
SM MK IV Plasma pistol

Brother Holofurnace
Iron Snakes Space Marine

Primaris DI Hellblaster body
Hellblaster head
MK III Backpack
Goliath right arm
Stormcast spear,hand and shield
Tempestus Scions dagger
Kharadron Endrinriggers rope

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